Exercise Reinvented


Work, play, and everyday life requires a body that just plain works. Imagine if your body could function well for whatever life had in store for you? If your body does not move well, or feel well, it could be from a poor functioning muscle system. This could be from previous injuries, diseases, and deconditioning.

At Body Activation, we work directly with your muscle system through custom built plans and innovative exercise systems so you regain the strength and confidence you need to move and handle positions with less discomfort.


We often coordinate our efforts with your current medical team (Physical Therapist, Surgeon, Doctor) to ensure the highest level of progress.

If you are looking to take control of how your body feels and functions, and you need a team of experienced professionals to guide you, we are here to help.




"Whatever program you put me through this week has made me feel like a new man. My back and trunk have never felt more secure. Thank you!"

-David Fritz

"The most amazing experience to better health and mobility I've ever had after twelve years of pain and limited ranges of motion due to a motor vehicle accident, thank you to Keith for opening my eyes to the possibility of recovery!"

-Lisa Majerus-Rau