Body Activation Activate

Exercise is not about just making yourself tired.  If used correctly, it could be an indispensable tool to keep your body strong for a lifetime.

Imagine having a certified medical exercise professional in your corner, meeting you where you are at, and build a plan specifically for you.




Our purpose is to build long term relationships in our community by improving and maintaining muscle system function while changing the current definition of exercise. 




Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. At Body Activation, we believe that in order to reach your goals we first have to understand what your body has been through. We respect prior injuries, medications, surgeries and medical conditions, while molding exercise to meet your body's needs.


Core Values


1. Communicate Transparently

2. Attention Placed On The Details

3. Longterm Focus

4. Relationship Driven

5. Applied Learning

6. Fullfilled Practice

7. Progressive Aligniment






If you are looking to improve the function of you body, and feel better long term, you are at the right place.