Coaches Note 1: What Were You Hoping Exercise Would Do For You?

When I was younger, I thought that exercise was the key to many things.  I was a lean kid, who found it difficult to put on any weight.  Like any young boy in the 80's and 90's, I turned to exercise.  Gym magazines were all over the place, and the local supplement stores were ramping up promises of a muscular body, if you were willing put in the work.

So I hit the weights, read the "latest" magazine workout, and trained like my future depended on it.  I didn't want to feel small anymore, and I thought that it was amazing that you could actually change your body.

I worked legs, back, arms, and chest like a Body Builder.  Then, I was on to the next workout. It was written for "Basketball Players," and was supposedly a sports specific workout.  Bouncing from workout to workout, and method to method became a compulsion.  Training became even more enjoyable than any sport I was playing at the time.  

The funny things was, I didn't feel good. 

I was always sore.  My joints ached.  I overtrained, and did too much.  Learning through experience can be a bear when it comes at a price of you joint health.  

That is exactly why, for the past 22 years, my focus is understanding what exercise is ok, and not ok for what individuals.  

Not everyone is built the same.  That seems like a very believable statement.  Yet, so many Americans do workouts written in magazines, group exercise classes, or workouts-of-the-day.  Everyone is doing the same damn thing?  

If you have sustained injuries in your life, played a sport, or do repetitive physical exertion at work or home, your needs are going to be completely different than the next person.  Then why in gods name do you think it's a good idea to exercise like another person?  

Do you think that your goals are the same?  


I see so many people using exercise as a way to "burn calories," or lean out.  I hear that "exercise is medicine," or is "corrective."  It is no secret that the majority of the extreme weight loss show's participants gain all the fat weight back fairly rapidly.  Why do you think they don't have reunion shows?  

Exercising hours on end wears you out!!!!!

Exercise should be a discovery process that uncovers body positions or motions where you are strong or weak.  Then you get to make the choice whether to challenge it or not.  This is what the essence of what it's all about.  

Overuse versus strategic challenge   

Awareness of how your body feels while you are challenged, and awareness of how you adapt to that challenge.  Self discovery at its finest.

If you are not uncovering your weaknesses, and you are just moving around to get tired, don't expect to get the adaptations that lead to a sustainable future.  

Can you literally work like a dog your entire life?

Life isn't just about calories.   

Nutrition and Exercise 

The same stupid adage.  It works.  

But it only works if it is a lifestyle.  

It's about feeding your body appropriately to feel great, not dieting. And especially not about simply restricting yourself from eating food.

Exercise is about building quality muscle, and developing body control and awareness, not weight loss. 

This is why the only way to better functioning body, is finding lifestyle choices that are sustainable, and that are in alignment with your goals.

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Keith Shimon