Do You Talk To Your Food?

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A different way to view what, and how we eat.

This past month, at a Michael Bernoff Core Experience, Michael shared an idea that the food you eat can be broken down into the categories of nutrition, entertainment, and addiction.  Yes, I know it is an oversimplified framework to guide how we view what we eat, but it is effective.

I know that I am not the norm when it comes to food.  My wife looks at me like I am nuts because I could eat almost the same meals every single day.  Ritual is what keeps me sane.

If you asked my wife to eat the same thing, she would rather pass..... or snack on the coveted Ritz crackers.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my meals.  Sitting down with family and friends to experience different flavors, taste combinations, and textures makes a meal an event.  I like to be entertained.  Who doesn’t?

For most people, including myself, nutrition has this ominous  ring to it. 

I don’t think that it is such a chore personally, although I have found it difficult to align friends and family members with their nutritional goals.   Want to get leaner?  Then stop mindlessly eating.

What does nutrition mean to you?  Is it a positive or negative word and why?  Does it mean that you are keeping yourself from your favorite foods,  keeping a meal journal, or doing a bunch of unnecessary work that seems to go nowhere? 

For some, nutrition is viewed as vehicle to fuel their body so it can work at peak efficiency.  They are consistently building an awareness of how they feel on a daily basis, and how their food choices and meal timing contributes to that feeling.

Nutrition is a very personal and powerful word charged with emotion, memory, and sometimes identity. 

Now let’s talk about cravings.  I don’t know if it is equal addiction, but it seems similar.  Do you feel like you have to have a certain type of food, or are you just hungry?  Some studies even suggest that you may not be hungry, but thirsty.  These explanations are endless. 

The bottom line is, are you hungry, board, or on autopilot?

The one comment that I find truly bizarre when people say, “I’ve been bad this weekend.”  Bad for whom? 

If you want to become a healthier version of yourself, looking at how  you eat and  sleep would be a excellent place to start. 

A simple way to look at your eating habits is to ask food what function is it serving?  Are you throughly enjoying the foods that you eat, while feeling great?  Or do you love the taste of what you just ate, deal with repercussions from your choice, only to have a type of food “buyers remorse.”

So, what category are you putting your next meal? 

Nutrition, entertainment, or addiction?

Keith  Shimon

Keith is an Exercise Professional and Body Worker at Body Activation which is the premier fitness, personal training, and group exercise gym located in Mequon Wisconsin.


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Keith Shimon