Keith brings over 25 years of exercise experience to Body Activation. After receiving his undergraduate degree from UW Wisconsin-La Crosse in Exercise and Sport Science, he added a license in Massage Therapy, and an MATrx certification to the mix. To broaden his skillset, Keith continues to study biomechanics, physiology, pathology, neuroscience, and art of coaching.

"Exercise is the body appropriately challenged in order to help us move, feel better, and live a better life."

Keith's use of Body Work and Exercise is a seamless approach to identify weaknesses, and strengthen muscles so you are prepared for the activities you enjoy. So whether you are recovering from an injury, working toward preventing the decline of age related function, or you just want to move better and get stronger, you have come to the right place.


With almost 20 years of professional exercise experience under his belt, Brandon has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Exercise Science while competing as a member of the NCAA Division I baseball team. Brandon also holds a Master’s of Science degree from Mississippi State University. While at Mississippi State he worked in the Strength and Conditioning program for the SEC-renowned Bulldog baseball and football teams under then head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Jim Nowell.

After years of working almost exclusively with collegiate and professional athletes, Brandon recognized the greater challenge that non-athletes faced. Regular people don’t heal the way athletes do and, as a result, the greatest difficulty becomes how to determine a starting point for exercise after injury. Hungry for an answer, Brandon discovered Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). MAT is the tool that has now allowed Brandon to determine that starting point for his diverse clientele. Brandon is 1of 80 MATRx practitioners in the world; MATRx being the highest level of practitioner that MAT certifies. Utilizing MATRx skills Brandon bridges the gap between therapy and exercise, and successfully defines a starting point of specific and appropriate exercise for each his clients and their unique needs